Friday, October 8, 2010

LA or Paris; yes, it's a real question!

As you know, I'm coming back to Team in Training as a mentor this season! I have quite a few reasons I'm doing it, and I'll write about it soon; when I get permission from the people who inspired me! For now, I've a much lighter topic to discuss:

Where should Amanda run her marathon?? I'm so excited for this season because there are two really great locations and races I can biggest problem is figuring out which one I want to run. I'm wavering between running in LA and Paris. Most of you are sitting there, wondering if all the green smoothies I've been drinking have gone to my head and messed with my head. You're thinking I'm an idiot and the choice is obvious. Go ahead, call me an idiot. Get it out of your system. Done? Good. Even though it would be AMAZING to run my first marathon in Paris, there are a lot of barriers I'd have to work through, and it would (at least temporarily) cause a lot more stress in my life. Also, there are some distinct advantages and bonuses that come with running in LA. I'll break it down for you.

Paris: It would be GORGEOUS to run in Paris; it sounds like such a dream come true! I've never been to Europe, and running my first marathon and taking my first trip across the ocean at the same time would blow my mind! I don't know if I could handle the excitement. Even if the race totally sucked, it would be an experience I'd remember for the rest of my life. The downside to running in Paris would be that the race is on April 10th next Spring, probably a week or two before I have finals. Because I'm going to college on Scholarship, I can't afford to let my grades fall; I'm not willing to miss more than a few days of school. Most likely, I would fly out the Thursday before the race and come back Sunday after the race. This means spending thousands of dollars to spend almost as many hours in the air as I am on the ground! I'm trying to picture the retributions of severe jet-lag in addition to post-marathon exhaustion, in addition to the stress of studying for finals! Worth it? You tell me! Also, Aaron (the love of my life and fellow partner in crime last season with Team in Training) won't be able to come with me if I race in Paris and I'd feel bad leaving him behind while I get to sweat and take in the picturesque scenery.

LA: Granted, it doesn't have the Eiffel Tower. But it does have something equally awesome; my family! Specifically, the most awesome people in my family: My Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and two fabulous cousins! I haven't seen them much since I joined the military 6 years ago, and I would be so proud to have them see me complete my first marathon, and visit with them after. My oldest cousin, Nik, is an amazing runner, and I'd totally score cool points with him if I manage to make it through the coveted 26.2. My uncle is a really awesome athletic guy, and makes the crazy hike up Mt. Whitney every year and I'd love to have him welcome me into the club of badasses in the family :) I could wax poetic about the fabulousness of my aunt, my other cousin Julia, my grandma and grandpa all day, but suffice it to say I would be super excited to have them there. I could never give up knowing they'd be there at the finish line. Also, the LA marathon is on the 20th of March, which falls during my spring break! This rocks for a lot of reasons. I could fly out a few days before the race, adjust to the (fabulous) LA climate, and not have to worry about catching a flight back right after the race and studying for finals. Aaron would be able to come with me to LA, and we're tentatively planning a road trip through California up to Monterey, San Fransisco, and possibly Napa Valley over spring break if I do the LA Marathon.

So, which race should I do? Glamorous, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, stressful, inconvenient Paris without Aaron? Or semi-exciting, relaxing, family-filled, road-trip California with Aaron?

Here are the websites for the two races!

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